Who Is the 49ers Quarterback

The San Francisco 49ers are getting respect, but there are still a few far away from Niners Nation that don’t trust Jimmy Garoppolo. Let’s talk about that Baltimore Ravens game. Is it Jimmy Garoppolo’s longest year as a starter by far? Yes. Should we really expect anything different?

While it baffles several members of the 49ers roster and me as well, a small vocal minority wants to criticize Garoppolo. So I’ll just keep making comparisons. For those of you new to the program, my constant argument has been that Jimmy Garoppolo is still raw, no matter how high his ceiling is, and he will need one, maybe two seasons of starter experience before we’ll see him carving defenses. This is further compounded by his experience in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, one of the most difficult in the league. Had he stepped into New England being in Josh McDaniels’ offense after all the time spent as a backup, he’d still need a year to acclimate himself to in-game situations. Like the other quarterbacks I’m going to bring up.